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Private Clinic for
Restorative Treatment,
Rejuvenation & Advanced
Biological Cures

Dr. Josef Kees, MD

Registered with CQC and GMC

How to Find Us
ABC Clinic - Dr J Kees
Lewes Road
East Grinstead
RH19 3TB
West Sussex
United Kingdom
00 44 (0) 1342 324 861
10 Harley Street
United Kingdom
00 44 (0) 207 467 8508

Dr. Josef Kees Welcomes you to ABC Clinic

Are you still dissatisfied with your physical well-being despite the information from magazines, television programs, advertising, Internet, wellness programs or different recommendations and experiments on yourself?

Discover the causes of your health difficulties, benefit from recent advances in medical Diagnostics and get expertly diagnosed and treated.

In the late 1980s, in search of more effective medical treatment solutions, Dr. Kees turned to comprehensive and intensive, advanced biological and naturopathic treatments.

He has continued to research and refine new approaches for many different conditions and follows a treatment strategy offering comprehensive and individual diagnosis where every patient receives an individual therapy plan and tailor-made treatments and as a result, a long-term improvement and restoration of physical health is achieved.

We offer you our long-standing, intensive as well as valuable experience with restorative and regenerative treatments, rejuvenation and advance biological cures.

The ABC Clinic is a Private Medical Clinic based in East Grinstead and Harley Street London. As more and more people choose experienced medical doctors for restorative, regenerative treatments and advanced biological cures alongside conventional medical treatments, the clinic has never been busier.


Expertly diagnosed and effectively treated and cured clients in good health.

Good Health - You are Worth It.

Very Best Wishes,

Dr. Josef Kees

"Dear Dr. Kees,

... I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything; I have had no symptoms since January and have completely recovered. I feel like shouting for joy!

Because previous treatments by other practitioners hadn't worked, I feared my symptoms would return again, but this time my hands are like new and all symptoms are gone. After 7 years I think it's amazing!

With kind regards and my deepest thanks to you."