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Private Clinic for
Restorative Treatment,
Rejuvenation & Advanced
Biological Cures

Dr. Josef Kees, MD

Registered with CQC and GMC

How to Find Us
ABC Clinic - Dr J Kees
Lewes Road
East Grinstead
RH19 3TB
West Sussex
United Kingdom
00 44 (0) 1342 324 861
10 Harley Street
United Kingdom
00 44 (0) 207 467 8508


For expert diagnostics standard and advanced medical methods and techniques are applied. Advanced Medical - State Of The Art - Diagnostics:

Functional Diagnostics

  • Segmental Electrography - Summary
  • Segmental Electrography - Advanced Standard

Advanced & Comprehensive Laboratory Investigations

  • Acute or Chronic Infection Diagnostics
  • Advanced Stool Analysis
  • Allergy & Food Intolerance Laboratory Testing
  • Amino Acids Diagnostics in Blood and Urine
  • Blood Group Diagnostics
  • Cancer/Tumour Diagnostics & Immune System
  • Genetics
  • Hair, Skin & Connective Tissue Diagnostics
  • Health Checks, Large, Females & Males
  • Hormone Analysis & Endocrine Diagnostics in Blood, Urine Saliva
  • Metabolism
  • Molecular Oncology
  • Organic Dysfunctions
  • Pseudo Allergic Reactions
  • Sexuality & Sub-Fertility Diagnostics
  • Stomach & Intestine Diagnostics
  • Toxicological Assessments for Metals & Environmental Pollutants
  • More on Request

Heart Function Diagnostics

  • ECGs, Holter ECGs, Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • CT Coronary Angiogram, Stress Echograms

Lung Function Tests

  • Spirometry
  • Lung Volume Measurement & Lung Diffusion Capacity

CT Medical Imaging* & MRIs

*The World's Most Advanced CT Scanner - Aquilion ONE

  • Dynamic Imaging of Moving Joints
  • Virtual Colonoscopy etc.

Cancer Diagnostics Focused on Preventive Health Benefits

  • Powerful CT Scans for Detailed 3D Views of the Body’s Organs with Significantly Less Radiation and Early Detection
  • Molecular Oncology Tests for Cancer Cell Detection in the Blood, Drug Sensitivity and Immune Modulators Testing


  • Thyroid incl FNA
  • Colour Doppler etc.

Dental CT Scanner

  • High Definition 3D Colour Images of the Head, Teeth, Jawbone and Facial Muscles in Great Detail used to Diagnose Possible Problems that may not be Visible with a Traditional Scans such as Cysts or Undetected Focal Infections etc.
"Dear Dr. Kees,

... I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything; I have had no symptoms since January and have completely recovered. I feel like shouting for joy!

Because previous treatments by other practitioners hadn't worked, I feared my symptoms would return again, but this time my hands are like new and all symptoms are gone. After 7 years I think it's amazing!

With kind regards and my deepest thanks to you." B.A.